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How to Choose between WK-851 and WK-881: The Ultimate Guide to PET Chips for Soft Drinks

The global carbonated beverage market has experienced consistent growth, with PET emerging as the preferred plastic material for packaging due to its convenience, aesthetics, safety, and environmental friendliness. International beverage producers favor WK-881 and WK-851 for their excellent physical and chemical characteristics, despite some minor distinctions between them.

The Stable Growth Trend of the Carbonated Beverage Market and the Significance of PET Packaging


The global carbonated beverage market has shown a stable growth trend in recent years. According to the data from the Global Carbonated Beverage Market Research Report, the demand in the global carbonated beverage market is projected to increase from $351.83 billion in 2023 to nearly $556.18 billion in 2032, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.22% during this period.


In the production and sales of carbonated beverages, the packaging of carbonated beverages plays a particularly important role. At the same time, it undertakes the function of brand promotion and market promotion, which has a direct impact on the overall market performance of carbonated beverages.


Taking convenience, aesthetics, safety, and environmental friendliness into consideration, undoubtedly, PET is the most suitable plastic material for carbonated beverage packaging, and it is indeed the case. According to the Global PET Packaging Market Report, the global PET packaging market is expected to grow to $94.02 billion by 2029, with a compound annual growth rate of 5.71%.


How to Choose the Right PET Material for Carbonated Beverage Packaging: Practical Choices 


When it comes to packaging carbonated beverages, the choice of materials is crucial. WK-881 and WK-851, both bottle-grade PET chips from Wankai brand, have garnered extensive approval and long-term usage from renowned global carbonated beverage suppliers.


These PET chips are favored for their low heavy metal and acetaldehyde content, high molecular weight with stable distribution, excellent processing performance, and compatibility with processing equipment. They also offer good production stability, high efficiency, and product yield. In addition to their impressive mechanical properties such as high strength and pressure resistance, WK-881 and WK-851 boast good transparency and resistance to stress cracking. Their excellent barrier properties effectively prevent the leakage of carbon dioxide in carbonated beverages. It's worth noting that these PET chips comply with various international standards including China's GB 9685 and GB 4806, EU No 10/2011, and US FDA 21 CFR 177.1630.


In conclusion, WK-881 and WK-851 are indeed the ideal choices for perfect PET packaging materials, ensuring the integrity and quality of carbonated beverages throughout the supply chain.


What are the differences between WK-881 and WK-851


WK-881 and WK-851 differ mainly in their thermal performance and bottle manufacturing process. 


In the process of bottle making, the preform produced made from WK-851 is fast reheated , increasing production speed and reducing energy consumption. Its application in carbonated beverage packaging offers several benefits. Firstly, it improves production efficiency by allowing faster cooling and solidification of bottles. Secondly, it enhances heat resistance, reducing the risk of deformation and stress rupture during high-temperature filling processes. Lastly, it improves packaging performance by better protecting the beverage from external contamination while maintaining carbonation and freshness. 


For carbonated beverage producers aiming for high efficiency and quality packaging, considering the use of quick heat-absorbing bottle-grade PET chips WK-851 is worthwhile.



The carbonated beverage market growth has led to increased PET material usage in packaging. Selecting the appropriate PET material is critical to meet industry demands and ensure top-notch packaging solutions amid the rising carbonated beverage demand. Wankai New Materials Co., Ltd provides high-performance WK-881 and WK-851 PET materials specifically suited for carbonated beverage packaging. These materials boast excellent physical and chemical properties, with WK-851 excelling in rapid heat absorption, maximizing production efficiency and cost-effectiveness. 

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