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Wankai is one of the best-leading pet bottle raw material suppliers in China. The total capacity of our company is up to 3 million tons per year. Our main customers are Coca Cola, Nestlé, DANONE and other well-known enterprises. We keep improving our brand influence and striving to become a global leader in the PET chip industry.

Bottle-grade PET Chips
Bottle-grade PET Chips

In WANKAI,we serve you with different types of PET plastic chips wholesale in high quality.


  • Meet the standards of food quality.
  • Widely used in the production of bottle packaging containers.
  • Safely,light,high transparency and high recycling value.
Non Bottle-grade PET Chips
Non Bottle-grade PET Chips

Our non bottle-grade PET chips have strong aging resistance, stable performance indicators, and excellent processing performance.


  • Low viscosity Base PET for the production of bottle-grade PET WK-801/811/821.
  • Super bright PET used to produce BOPET film and fiber/filament yarn.
  • PET chips for producing transparent photovoltaic Back films (Film for solar panel).