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Ajlan Brothers Holdings Group Delegation Explores Collaboration Opportunities at Wankai

A delegation from Ajlan Brothers Holdings Group recently conducted a significant visit to Wankai New Materials Co., Ltd.(Wankai) in Jiaxing, China, aiming to explore collaborative opportunities in the field of new materials.

[Jiaxing, China], [28th May 2024] – A distinguished delegation from Ajlan Brothers Holdings Group, spearheaded by their esteemed Chief Executive Officer, H.E. Eng. Ali AlHazmi, conducted a significant visit to Wankai on the afternoon of the 28th of May. The primary objective of this visit was to investigate and initiate potential synergistic partnerships and collaborative ventures between the two organizations.

The delegation was warmly received by Wankai's Chairman, Mr. Shen Zhigang, and was given a comprehensive tour of the company's facilities, including the exhibition hall, control room, and quality control areas. The guests were impressed by the company's well-organized work environment, streamlined production processes, and stringent quality control measures.

During the meeting, Mr. Shen enthusiastically welcomed the delegation and provided an overview of Wankai's journey, highlighting its achievements, key projects, and international expansion. He expressed a strong desire for both organizations to capitalize on the burgeoning China-Saudi and China-Arab relations, particularly in the realm of new materials. Mr. Shen emphasized the need to optimize and enhance the industrial chain of polyester, share premium project opportunities, and broaden market cooperation for a mutually beneficial future.

H.E. Eng. Ali AlHazmi lauded Wankai's research and development prowess and its scale of operations. Stressing the deep-rooted friendship between China and Saudi Arabia, he expressed optimism for collaborative endeavors under the auspices of "Saudi Vision 2030" and China's "Belt and Road" initiative. The CEO envisioned a future where both sides could explore and seize potential cooperation opportunities, leading to a prosperous and harmonious coexistence.

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