Wankai  Research Project

Institute Overview

  • R&D center

  • million

    Experimental equipment

  • million

    Flexible product experimental production line

  • Team members

Technology Building 1000 square meters+Factory Building 6 3000 square meters

We have complete experimental research equipment to meet the needs of small-scale, pilot, and small-scale trial production for the research and development of high-performance polymers

The research institute has a multi-functional flexible product experimental production line with an annual output of 40000 tons

The research institute has a research and development team with reasonable age, education, professional structure, high level, and high quality

About Research Insitute

Wankai New Material Research Institute


Since the establishment of Wankai New Materials Co., Ltd., the company has attached great importance to technological research and development activities, and has continuously conducted research on new technologies, products, and applications in the industry.


The R&D department of the company was established in 2012. Initially, it mainly carried out research aimed at product optimization and production process optimization to adapt to the company's strategic development plan. In 2019, it was decided to establish the Wankai New Materials Research Institute, with Chairman Shen Zhigang personally serving as the director and Dr. Yang Liping as the first executive director; Conduct systematic research on relevant basic research and product development in the field of new materials.