Bio-based furan polyesters

Synthesis and application studies of bio-based furan polyesters

Project Profile

PEF is a new type of polymer with high performance (barrier, thermal, mechanical and other properties), and has a very similar structure to PET, but some of its properties are better than PET.At present, the market demand for polyester materials with high barrier, high heat resistance, and good dyeing and finishing properties of fiber-grade polyester and other technical needs, as well as domestic and foreign consumer markets are paying more attention to the safety of plastics and environmental protection issues, therefore Bio-based furan polyester has a large market potential and is worthy of further development and research.

Project Strengths

1. Compared with petroleum-based terephthalic acid-based polyester, bio-based furan polyester is biorenewable and has good physical and chemical properties and biodegradability;
2. bio-based polyester instead of petroleum-based polyester can significantly improve the consumption of non-renewable resources and reduce greenhouse gas emissions;
3. PEF compared with PET has excellent barrier properties, mechanical properties, heat resistance and so on.
4. Wankai has polymerization units with different capacities to meet the needs of small pilot, pilot and continuous production, and is also equipped with a variety of testing instruments for product performance testing;
5. At present, Wankai has a R&D team with rich technical experience, strong practical ability and stable development, which also provides great technical guarantee for the development of this product.