Wankai New Material Research Institute

Institute Overview

  • R&D center

  • million

    Experimental equipment

  • million

    Flexible product experimental production line

  • Team members

Technology Building 1000 square meters+Factory Building 6 3000 square meters

We have complete experimental research equipment to meet the needs of small-scale, pilot, and small-scale trial production for the research and development of high-performance polymers

The research institute has a multi-functional flexible product experimental production line with an annual output of 40000 tons

The research institute has a research and development team with reasonable age, education, professional structure, high level, and high quality

Laboratory of Advanced Materials(LAM)

The Advanced Materials Laboratory focuses on the development of green, high-performance, functional polyester and copolyesters, as well as the optimization of related processes. It focuses on and carries out research on the development of functional copolyesters, non antimony catalysts for polyester, and green bio based environmentally friendly polyester, providing strong exploration and technical reserves for depicting the future blueprint of the polyester industry.