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High-Brightness PET Resin

Wkai® brand high translucency PET chips are PET resins designed for injection molding, and the products meet the needs of the cosmetic packaging market with excellent quality.

They are IPA-modified PET resins and carry RIC#1 

PETG Resin for Heat Shrink Film & PETG sheet

PETG resins for heat shrink films & PETG sheet are designed for high-end double-draw PETG films, extrusion & casting PETG sheet, high-performance shrink films for labeling and packaging, with good color and excellent processing performance.

Polyester Resin for Injection Molding

Wankai® brand polyester chips for injection molding are co-polyesters are widely used in injection molding, injection blowing, extrusion blown film molding and other markets.


PCR-PET is made from washed and sorted PET flakes, depolymerized, directly esterified in a continuous polymerization line, and solid-phase tackified to produce a green recycled polyester.

Applications of Our PET Resin Products

  • Construction Industry

  • Marine Applications

  • Composite Structures

Advantages of Our Recycled PET Resin


  • 100% Recyclable: Entire PET packaging is recyclable, simplifying the process and increasing recycling rates, reducing landfill waste.


  • Sustainable: PET resin's continuous lifecycle and lower carbon footprint make it a sustainable packaging solution that conserves energy in production.


  • Safe for Food and Beverages: Inert and resistant to microbial attacks, PET resin is approved by safety boards like EFSA, HSE, and FDA for storing consumables safely.


  • Lightweight & Durable: Despite its lightness, PET is robust, reducing energy usage during production and offering durability during use.


  • Educational Impact: Encourages sustainability practices among brands and consumers, setting an example for environmental responsibility.


  • Market Potential: The adoption of recycled PET can close the loop, reducing demand for new plastics in the FMCG market.