Carbonated Bottle Grade PET Chip WK-651

WK-651 is characterized by its low heavy metal content , low AA content , stable molecular weight and distribuexcellent processing performance and compatibility , good production stability , high productionefficiency andyield , In the process of bottle making , the pretand reduce the energy consumption . The finished product has good transparency , high strength , good performanrast reheated which can improve the speed of bottle makingce of pressure and stress cracking resistance , good barrier performance and can effectivelyCo2This product is in compliance with the regulations of China GB 9685 , GB 4806 . , ( EU ) 

The following table provides the parameters that characterize the type:


Intrinsic Viscosity
0.605± 0.02
36± 5
DEG content
1.3± 0.2
Color (b-value)
Peak Temperature when Melting(DSC by Nitrogen)
Moisture Content

Production process introduction

  • The product is kept in a complete package and stored in a dry indoor warehouse at room temperature. and should not be exposed to the direct sunliaht it is recommended to use it within 2years, and it should be used immediately after opening the package.
  • lf the moisture in the product is not completely removed before processing,it will cause hydrolysis and reduce its molecular weight and reduce the performance of the final product. Therefore it is recommended that the product be dried at 165+10℃ for 4-6 hours before processing is fully dewatered.