Functional Polyester Technology

Feasibility Study on the Development and Market Application of High Performance 

Project Profile

The High Performance /Functional Polyester Technology Develpment and Market Application Feasibility Study Project aims to provider differentiated products or services for new polyester customers, address the market demand for high performance / functional polyester,  and improve the  social added value of PET polyester. Currently the project has two main product under development: MLCC Release Film Masterbatch  Polyester and UV Barrier Transparent Bottle Chip Polyester

Project Strengths

The project can realize the combination of functionalized auxiliaries and polyester molecular chain by using in-situ polymerization method, which makes the functional auxiliaries dispersed during the polymerization process, and fundamentally eliminates of the problem of dispersion and loss of PET polyester high value-added products in the subsequent reprocessing.