Corporate Governance 

Wankai New Material Technology Co., Ltd. consistently integrates social responsibility into corporate governance and incorporates it into the company's development strategy.

Organizational Structure

The company's basic organizational structure consists of a multi-level governance structure composed of the shareholders' meeting, the board of directors, the supervisory board, and the executive management in accordance with national laws and regulations and the company's articles of association. The board of directors has specialized committees such as the strategic committee, audit committee, remuneration and assessment committee, and nomination committee, as well as the board office. The company has functional departments including the procurement center, domestic trade center, foreign trade center, production center, quality center, research institute, logistics center, administration center, finance center, and internal audit department.

  • Stakeholders

  • Information Disclosure and Transparency

  • Independence of the Company from Controlling Shareholders

  • Innovation in Management Mechanism

  • Strictly Ensuring Production Safety

  • Management of Insider Information

  • Investor Relations Management