In response to the energy crisis and climate change, Wankai is actively exploring new methods and technologies for energy conservation and carbon reduction to align with the national strategic goals of 'carbon peaking' and 'carbon neutrality'

Power saving and emission reduction measures

Photovoltaic Power Generation Project

Chongqing Wankai utilizes approximately 50,000 square meters of rooftop area to carry out a photovoltaic power generation project with an installed capacity of about 7 megawatts, adopting the 'self-generation for self-use, surplus electricity supplied to the grid' model. Through photovoltaic power generation, Chongqing Wankai saves approximately 800 tons of raw coal and reduces carbon emissions by about 2,000 tons. Haining Wankai’s Phase III photovoltaic installation has a total power capacity of 14,300 kW. An additional 2,000 kW photovoltaic project is under planning, with an estimated annual power generation of 1.946 million kWh. In 2023, the total power generation amounted to approximately 13 million kWh. Based on relevant indicators, it is calculated that this saved approximately 3,913 tons of standard coal and reduced carbon dioxide emissions by 10,713 tons, along with reductions in sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, and smoke dust by 1.08 tons, 1.73 tons, and 0.22 tons, respectively.