Development of antibacterial polyester fiber and its preparation technology

Project Profile

The idea behind this project is as follows:Based on antibacterial functional polyester fiber, we modify the fiber's cross-sectional shape to enhance its moisture absorption and moisture conduction capabilities, or we create antistatic qualities to improve the fiber's moisture absorption and sweat capabilities. masterbatch, creative design on the internet The difficulties of polyester clothes with severe static electricity in the winter and uncomfortable wear are resolved by adding technology to create antistatic and antibacterial polyester fiber.

Project Strengths

The uniqueness and benefits of this project are demonstrated by the following: It is observed that the industry is currently seeing a lot of advancements in single-functional polyester fibers, but few in composite functional fibers, which are still in the early phases of technology development or trial production. Their preparatory methods still have a lot of technical obstacles that need to be removed. Thus, the purpose of this study is to modify the cross-sectional form of the fiber or incorporate additional functional ingredients in order to compound the antibacterial capabilities of polyester fibers with other functional properties.