Development and application of polyester for building materials

Project Profile

People are becoming more and more in want of green materials as the idea of eco-friendly products gets more widely accepted. There is a desire for non-PVC materials in Europe and America because of the chlorine component of PVC materials, which pollutes the environment when released into the air, together with legislative limits. PVC needs to be replaced in the construction materials industry, which reflects this. With its mechanical and chemical qualities, combined with its green and eco-friendly qualities, polyester has emerged as one of the most popular materials. The market and contemporary times necessitate the development of green polyester building materials. 

Project Strengths

The following benefits come with the development and use of polyester as a construction material:

1. High solid content: stone powder and polyester may now be mixed at a ratio of 1:4.5;

2. Green and eco-friendly: polyester is a food-grade packaging material that performs very well in the environment. 

3. Production line adaptability: The created copolyester can work with the current method of producing PVC sheets without requiring the installation of new machinery.

4. Low energy consumption: the developed copolyester has a low melting point, a low processing temperature, and a low processing energy consumption. 

5. Recyclable: Polyester sheets are reusable and recyclable, creating a cycle.