Bio-based Polyester Resin


Our temperature-resistant bio-based polyester chips are co-polyesters designed for high-end injection molding processes. In addition to the excellentproperties of PET, the products can be used at higher temperatures for extended periods of time.

Product Characteristics

  • The texture and appearance of the product is close to glass, with high transparency and low haze at any thickness.
  • Molded products have excellent resistance to water, oil, alcohol and acid.
  • High heat distortion temperature and good heat resistance.
  • Containing 9-20% bio-based raw materials, BPA-free, can be used for food packaging.
  • Good oxygen barrier, 8-9 cc.mm/(m² .day.atm)
  • Products comply with GB 9685, GB 4806.6; REACH Regulation 1907/2006; RoHS Directive 2011/65/EU; FDA 21 CFR 177.1630.


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Product Information


Product Type

Intrinsic Viscosity




L / b


(°C )

CPT-3090 0.700 ±0.020 ≤ 26.0 ≥ 62 / ≤ 8 90.0±2.0
CPT-3100 0.640 ±0.020 ≤ 26.0 ≥ 62 / ≤ 8 90.0±2.0

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